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    1. 自動包裝設備

      Automatic packaging equipment

              隨著電商的高速發展,對倉儲自動化的需求越來越迫切,九恒自動包裝推出氣泡膜/薄膜/紙 箱自動包裝設備,助力電商快速發貨,同時大幅降低人力成本。 適應商品類型:圖書、消費電子產品、服裝、非易碎化妝品等。
              With the rapid development of e-commerce, demands on warehouse automation is more and more urgent, thus Jiuheng automatic packaging launched air bubble film/thin film/paper box automatic packaging equipment to contribute to rapid delivery of e-commerce and greatly reduce manpower cost. Applicable product types: picture, consumer electronics, clothes, non fragile cosmetics.

      客戶現場實景 Customer case - filed scenes: 


      Landless paper printer

      產品優勢 Product Advantages: 

      It applies to receive and send express as a portable device: Patent product, compatible with label with base paper .
      Lower composite cost of material: label, storage and logistics. 
          With Base-Paper-free label, the service time of printer head is prolonged more 50% than common printer.
          Using Base-Paper-free label is helpful to reduce the cost of material by 5~10% at least, and may achieve 20% discount. 

      使用領域  Area of use: 

      1.電商大件發貨  Large  piece Large piece delivery in Ecommerce
      The cooperation of JH-343 and PD perfectly fits in large piece delivery in Ecommerce and full container loading that don't need packing again.
      2.物流取件   Logistics fetching
      App links with system Information, many pieces of commodities can be picked up at once, by only one bill with several labels that are printed on spot, solving the problems of making mistakes and lacking enough number sometimes.


      Base-Paper-Free Label

              Base-Paper-free Label is a kind of green label, different from common adhesive label, which has the anti-cohesion lay on the sticky paper surface straight nor base paper. It saves body material of anti-cohesion lay, and is more economical and environment-friendly.

      運用在超市價格標簽  Uses of price tag in supermarket: 

      Base-Paper-free label has a larger number, but the need of each reel for stocking area decreases by 30%, under a same diameter as the common label.
      Base-Paper-free label improves thermal printer head into an extra 50% service life, and a better print effect.
      Base-Paper-free label is waterproof, as a prefect identification of refrigerated products and fresh food.
      Base-Paper-free label leads a higher efficiency of replacing.
      There are personalized pictures and various types,The label need not printing and writing:按需求規格印刷、切割撕裂線,非常適合易碎品、防水防潮、安檢標識、航空快件等物流標識。
      It is required strictly to print and to cut tearing line, applies well to fragile or waterproof commodities, security check signs and air express. 


      Other automatic equipment

               Real-time printing labeling machine: be applicable for labeling automatic printing and pasting of c-commerce manufacturers and full load products. 
               Automatic sealing machine for inner lining: sealing of inner moisture barrier bag of woven bag, applicable for damp proof woven bag enterprises such as fodder, chemical fertilizer, sugaring, chemical engineering and logistics.