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    1. 智能交叉帶分揀系統

      Intelligent cross-belt sorting system

              快件分揀作為快遞企業業務開展最重要的組成部分,耍求快速.準確的將包裹按目的地 集中揀選并快速傳輸,九恒分揀系統通過分析快遞行業的分揀現狀及分揀過程中存在的問題,應用機器視覺技術.圖像處理技術以及數據分析等對快遞分揀的不同階段進行優化,開 發了智能物流分揀系統,實現了快件作業管理的自動化改造.系統主耍從快件信息采集、數據分析與處理及信息傳輸等業務流程方面進行設計和開發,從而全面提升快件分揀過程的自動化水平。

              As the most important part of for express enterprises to carry out their business, sorting of express items requires to sort and transport packages rapidly and accurately according to destination. Jiuheng sorting system applied machine vision technology, image processing technology and data analysis to optimize sorting of express items at different stages by analyzing the current sorting situation of the express industry and existing problems in the sorting process, developed the intelligent logistics sorting system and realized automatic reform of express item management. The system mainly designed and developed from the aspects of information collection, data analysis and processing, and information transportation, thus improving the automatic level of the sorting process comprehensively.

      文件類、紙箱、塑料袋、其他軟包裝包裹的高速分揀。 兩套分揀操作配置,可滿足進港、出港件自由切換分揀。

      high speed sorting of documents, paper boxes, plastic bags and other flexible packages.Can meet free switch sorting of items leaving and arriving port. 

      A 經濟型(不帶供包臺,占地小、投資少,適合中小型網點使用)。
      B 標配型(帶供包臺10-12個,適合中轉中心及大型網點使用)。  
      C 雙層線(雙層同時分揀,處理量為標配型兩倍,適合樞紐中轉中)。

      A Economical type (with no platforms for packages, less coverage, less investment, applicable for small and medium-sized branches).
      B Standard type (with 10-12 platforms for packages, applicable for intermediate centers and large scale branches).
      C Double line (two lines sort at the same time, double the handling capacity of the standard type, applicable for hub intermediate centers).


      Innovative technology of the sorting system

      Operating status of equipment is supervised in real time, and data like communication status, fault status, sorting number, and barcode recognition rate/complement status is monitored by big screen, thus it is very clear.

      Leading core technologies 

      為解決站點與分揀對包裹是否準確掉落到正確格口, 通過視頻查詢需要耗費較長的時間,并且無法確認 所掉落的貨是否就是正確掃描分配的包裹;為此,九恒分揀系統配置包裹追溯系統通過與掃描拍照、 關聯下貨視頻,通過客戶端,輸入需要查詢的包裹號,就能夠在界面顯示掃描拍照時照片、該單號預 計下貨對間、下貨格口照片,解決追溯查詢問題。
      Number video tracking system
      To check whether packages fall in correct holes accurately, since video investigation costs a lot of time and cannot make sure the packages that fall down are ones that are scanned and distributed, the Jiuheng sorting system is equipped with package tracking system which can display photographs, expected unload time, photos of unload holes and solve tracking and inquiry problems through scanning photography, correlated unload video and by imputing the package number. 


      Easy to operate
      Obtain statements conveniently and rapidly, inquire rapidly and lead out various sorting statements like data of package platform, complement data and sorting data. 
      Increase and adjustment of holes can be leaded into the system rapidly by listing statements. 
      24-hour online technical support.


      Customer case – filed scenes